Brooklyn League of Women Walkers (BLWW), is a multigenerational collaborative art project that brings together women of color (immigrant and native) from the communities of Sunset Park and Bedford Stuyvesant in a shared experience of walking and art making. Our goal is to build solidarity and political consciousness among women walkers across different cultures and urban geographies of the gendered experience of walking as they collectively investigate, document and re-imagine their everyday journeys along Brooklyn’s streets.

Take a look of our BLOG for more information about news, walks, and the VR videos.

BLWW walkers are a diverse group of women of Latinx, Black, Asian, and Middle Eastern descent who, because of ethnicity and geography, rarely cross paths in their neighborhoods, yet because of their gender are affected by the same feelings of vulnerability as they walk along city streets. Through individual, paired and group walk exchanges in both neighborhoods, walkers document their experience by collecting and analyzing data through mapping, sound walks, photography found artifacts and cross-cultural dialogue. Video documentation and the data will be used to create a visual exhibition and as part of the Flâneuse>La caminanta VR documentary that will be publicly shared at a culminating workshop(s) for the project.